How to Earn Cashback with Ebates

I haven’t seen better days than earning money by shopping! Of course, you are thinking, how? Like really? Yes! You can get cash back for your shopping too.

I had heard about it but didn’t know it would make such a difference in my life. Imagine! You are spending money by shopping and then getting that back!

Its called Ebates. I signed up and thought why not get cash back for my shopping, even if they are a few pennies. But hey! I didn’t earn pennies, I earned dollars! and I mean a lot!

Seriously! I am not joking! Ebates sends out what they call a “Big Fat Check” every quarter of the year. This Big Fat Check is your earnings from your shopping for the 3 months and you can get it via Check or Paypal.

What is Ebates?

Ebates is a kind of online store, where they don’t have actual products. Rather, they have partnered with a variety of brands/companies/stores like Amazon, eBay, Kohls, Walmart, macy’s, Sephora, Groupon, Nordstrom and 2000 more. So you actually shop through Ebates at those stores to get your cash back! You just shop normally as you do.

How does Ebates work?

All you need to do is Sign up with Ebates and start shopping!

As a new Ebates member, you earn $10 when you make a qualifying purchase of $25 with the first 90 days.

And it’s easy to list $25 worth of items in your cart. Its Halloween, you can even buy this 4 ft Large Huge Black Creepy Cloth Spider.

So, To earn cash back, start shopping by first visiting Ebates and find the store you would like to shop at. Else, you won’t earn cash back if you visit those stores directly.

How to Maximise Ebates Earnings

Start shopping by visiting Ebates first and start shopping. It hardly takes a minute to check, if the store you are going to shop at, is available at Ebates or not. If it’s listed at Ebates (There’s a good chance as they have partnered with 2000+ stores), then good to go. Do this all the time so that you don’t miss a single penny, every penny counts.

Its a good practice to compare their prices and see which store gives you better cash back offer.

Some of the Ebates partnered stores offer double cash back. This list includes a limited number of vendors however, but is changed frequently. So, watch out for it more often.

There is a hot deals category where you can benefit more. They offer coupon codes along with cash back which can save + earn you better. For example, GILT is offering a Buy 3 get 20% off along with 10% cash back and Dell is offering 40% off on Latitude 7000 Laptops with 10% cash back. Now this is cool!

What is better then shopping online, getting things at your doorstep and that too with earning cash back. You don’t have to visit those stores anymore if you don’t want to waste time and money(cash backs).

Hey! Don’t worry! You want to go out? Ebates has recently added a new feature. Now you can get cash backs at stores too. It’s easy. Simply link your card with Ebates online and search which stores are offering In-store cash backs on Ebates. Visit the store, find the product they listed and pay with the card that you link with Ebates. Isn’t it lovely?

And lastly, install Ebates on your phone. So, that you don’t miss out any offers. If you are at stores supporting In-store cash backs and don’t want to miss the cash backs. Just open the app, and search for the products with cash back offers. And Shop! Happy Shopping!

Have you used Ebates before? Did you signed up? How much did you earned so far?

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